Updates for July 1999

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**This site turns 1 on July 28th!! Happy Birthday to me!*


Happy Canada Day!!! Today I just updated Push A Little Harder, with information about Eddie Mills and Jason Behr's new shows, and a picture.


I made a small update on the Alanis news today, as well as the Push news.

I also turned the Eddie Mills Picture Gallery into a thumbnail, that is the large gallery of them. So now Eddie Mills, Jaime Pressly, and Audrey Wasilewski all have thumbnail galleries as well as opening credits shots. The rest will be done soon.


Today I put up a new site of the week.


Today I got a NEW banner!! Here's the old one (on top) and the new one (on bottom):



Okay also today I updated the Dawson's Creek character page. So that's up-to-date completely now!

Oh, and the main page (yay!) hit 5000


Today I put up a new RealAudio file of the week.

I also updated the Alanis Morissette news.


Wow it's been a while since I've updated! Anyway today I just put up a new website of the week.

Also page landmarks this week: Eddie Mills Picture Gallery at 2000, Push Picture Gallery at 8000, and Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery (this continues to amaze me) is now at 11000!


Today I put up about 16 pictures from the So Pure video on Thank U Alanis Morissette. I also put up some news regarding the So Pure Single tracklisting, as well as updating the Alanis discography a little. That's about it, except for the fact that I fixed one tiny thing on Push A Little Harder


Today I put up a new RealAudio of the week, as well as updating the Alanis discography and putting up the lyrics to the RealAudio, Baba (Live), from "No Boundaries".


Today I updated the Alanis and Push news.


Today I put up a new site of the week, and put up a notice requesting help with the Backstreet Boys lyrics. If U can help, please sign my guestbook, thanx!


Today I put up all the lyrics to the Prayer Cycle on the Alanis lyrics page, I updated the Alanis news, and the Alanis discography


Okay today I put up a new Alanis RealAudio of the week, I updated the IWITW lyrics, I updated the Alanis news, and I began to transcribe the Alanis/Rosie O'Donnell Interview. I also put up the August '99 updates, which means updates on the Site Map and Fonts pages too!


Okay today I put up a counter on the August updates page, fixed the Webring on The X-Files page, updated the DC storyling on the main DC page, took down an old link, made some small corrections on the BSB page, updated the Alanis news, the Alanis links, and the Alanis discography, and I updated Push A Little Harder a little, including updates on the actors/actresses, and that's about it!!!


Today I made the Maureen Flannigan Picture Gallery into a thumbnail gallery, I updated the Alanis news, the Alanis discography, and I put up the lyrics to all three B-Sides of the So Pure single.


Today I made the Laurie Fortier Picture Gallery into a thumbnail gallery, I updated the Alanis news, put up some more Backstreet Boys/Millennium lyrics, and put up some new Useless Facts.


Today I put up the X-Files Emmy Nominations, updated the Alanis news, and I left the Website of the Week, congratulation to Woodstock.com for being my first repeat website of the week!


Okay today I put up a new Alanis RealAudio file of the week, made a small change on the X-Files Emmy Nominations, as well as putting up the Emmy Nominations of Friends and Futurama, and finally putting another award up on the Backstreet Boys page.


Today I made A LOT of updates. First off, I finished the Push Picture Gallery. Every sub-gallery is thumbnailed, and all the opening credit screen shots are up! Go check it out at http://members.xoom.com/pushabc/pushpics.htm !!!!

Okay so that took forever and resulted in small updates to other parts of Push A Little Harder as well.

Also today I added a couple useless facts, updated the Alanis news, added a FAQ, updated the credits, added a quote, and fixed the i Was Hoping Lyrics on the SFIJ lyrics page. That's it!!!!



Today is the big day of Neal Jennings' Web Site's very first birthday!! Happy Birthday to me....

Anyway... today I fixed the I Was Hoping lyrics a little more (I don't think I did them right in the first place), updated the Don't Wanna Lose You Now and Back To Your Heart lyrics on the Backstreet Boys site, and on Push A Little Harder I fixed a link, as well as putting up a link to WasteLand, Eddie Mills' new show.

Oh! And a page landmark--Jason Behr Picture Gallery hit 1000 yesterday!


Well my site's birthday went by almost without a hitch. For some reason xoom.com (the server for Push A Little Harder) is experiencing some difficulties, so I apologise for any problems it may be causing you. Okay on the day of my site's b-day, The X-Files show page hit 1000, The X-Files being one of the first sub-sites amongst my many. For anyone interested in the history of this site, feel free to look at the updates from the last year! Anyway so updates today: I moved the Push 'updates' and random musings to a separate page. Hopefully it should all work within a day or two (Xoom). I put up the lyrics to So Pure as well as the interview, both from the David Letterman show. I also put up the 1999 MTV VMA nominations for the Backstreet Boys. And that's it!!


Well Xoom.com is working again (yay!). Anyway today I put up a new site of the week, I added a link on the Alanis page to the David Letterman lyrics/transcript, fixed a useless fact, updated the site map, updated the credits, put up 2 new pictures of Jason Behr, and put a counter on the Push updates page. I will put up the lyrics to Thank U and Uninvited from the Nobel Peace Prize Winners Party very soon. Finally, a page landmark to report... actually it was a few days ago, I just couldn't get it because of the problems with Xoom, the Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery is now at 12000 hits!


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